Getting the world excited about medicine

Through a series of city based festivals MED aims to celebrate the best of what medicine offers, provide a platform to educate and share ideas, and to inspire people about future innovations in healthcare.


In each city we aim to engage both the public and medical professionals in a diverse programme of experiences, exhibitions, talks and activities. From behind the scenes tours of hospitals and specifically curated exhibitions, to talks from world experts and hands-on technology demonstrations – we hope to offer something to excite all ages and levels of interest.

Our four key aims


Create an annual focus for the celebration of medicine in each host city


Engage the general public and medical professionals to learn more about medicine


Create a movement to inspire future generations about the potential of medicine


Build sustainable collaborations between medical organisations in each city

Our governance

We are currently incorporating as a community interest company (CIC) to allow us have a structure that is nimble enough for us to work effectively yet clearly not-for profit.  

A CIC is a regulated organisation but simpler to run than a charity and a better fit for our size. It also offers the option to formally convert to charity status in future. Being a CIC ensures we remain transparent and sustainable whilst the legal requirements ensure we’re held to our founding values.

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